Saturday, July 20, 2013

Microsoft Windows 8.1.

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Microsoft windows 8.1 is a newly introduced one the microsoft company released this,Here is all that you wanted to know that microsoft windows 8.1 had both advantages and disadvantages i am here to explain only the disadvantages and some points of advantages.

How Did Microsoft Windows 8.1 Become Popular : You may think as already microsoft has released all windows this maybe also a sucess to microsoft,But that is not reason you had it :
  • Seeing the preview of the 8.1 on the google images or any other thing you got that on your mind.
  • The desktop changes from minute to minute or seconds to seconds.
  • The different start button and the gadgets of the start button.
  • It's a newly arrived one.
Many of them have seen this but the disadvantages aree the following points:
  • It's got long steps to shutdown And there is a big process .
  • It's got a great budget 8,000-Rs per disc this is original disc.
  • This may not be a valid reason but it slows the Internet in you house.
  • It's very tough to operate.
  • The softwares and all things varies from Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.
Including my personal life, There is a brother near my home he finished his studies And when the windows 8.1 released he got up with chennai and got a original disc for 8,000 Rs, And he installed and he was operating that after he started it he thought Windows 8.1 will be an best one after that day we came to his house he said in simple words that windows 8 is not better than.

So After this post you maythink of  buying which windows want to select So please dudes after this post please join this site guys please... Catch you all next sunday Stay Tuned....


  1. Is win 8.1 offically Released ;)

    1. Hi Rishad 1992 No windows is not officially released it's publicly released

  2. Really Good Man...

    Keep It Up !!!!!!!!!

  3. Really Good info On Windows 8.1.!! I Think This Version Of Windows gonna Boost up the Windows :)

    1. No lok it's not gonna it's got great budget on that but windows 7 is fully better than this..