Tuesday, June 11, 2013

How To Maintain Traffic In Your Blog

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Maintaining Traffic Is A Problem To Many Bloggers Right, But I Will Say How To Maintain A Very Good Traffic.

  • Write An Post Daily So That You Would Not Miss YOur Blog Traffic.
  • Get Good Blogger Friends Like $Ajay Surya $Lokjeeth Singh $Bharadwaj Giridhar $Hari Narayanan And More Good Blogger Friends.You Would Think What Is The Use In This? There Is An Use In This They May Help You TO Do Many Good Things On Your Blog .
  • Attract Your Visitors By Giving Different Font Styles And Things Use Images And Videos.
  • After Finishing The Post Publish It In All Type Of Accounts Like $Facebook $Twitter $Google+ And In Many Communities Like $Devilspot Community $Blogger's Group And In Many Pages.
  • Edit Your Blog Template And Keep An Favicon And A Logo For Your Blog. 
  • Edit Your Template By Keeping Widgets And Etc..,Etc..,
  • Enable Comments And Advices Given By Big Bloggers And Publish It!!!
  • Have Good GuestGet Ideas To Improve Your Blog Condition.

Final Word :

Obey These More Steps To Be An Top Blogger.


  1. Hello Hari Vignesh. Your New Post Sound Sooo Good. I Strongly Agree With Your First Point.

    Ajay Recently Posted : http://www.devilspot.in/2013/06/learn-blogging-tips-with-hulk.html

  2. It's very important to maintain traffic to a blog. Solid readership around our blog can help us to maintain our traffic. Hari I am agree with your points. Great sharing :D