Friday, June 14, 2013

How To Write An Killer Post.

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Introduction: Writing an post is not a small thing but writing an post effectively is not a big thing and very tough for many bloggers.So I'll say how to write an effective post.

Step-1 Is to maintain a good writing style is also one way to write an effective post.Use italics and bold underline and different font styles and many more..
Step-2 For all the posts you should cover more than 600 words so the post will be effective and valuable so that you get more comments and views for your blog..
Step-3 Don't blindly keep an title for your blog use your mind to keep an post title..
Step-4 Don't copy from other blog so that you would not get caught in you can think what is the use in saying this there is a use if you get 100 pageviews for an post anyone will will try to get you caught in
Step-5 Don't keep titles like wanna or gonna like american language many bloggers avoid..
Step-6 Once if you are finished with the post read by yourself by two or three times if you fell something wrong strike it off and write something else remember the post should cover 600 words..
Step-6 Leave no speeling mistakes and grammatical errors so that the post would be clear to watch by the audience/viewers of your blog..
Step-7 After finishing the post don't beg your pardon to the viewers to leave a comment or view your blog..
Step-8 Don't say to anybody if he/she does not know what blogger if ?There is no point in asking to he/she it's waste of time to beg your pardon..
Step-9 Don't use different words so that you can be understandable to the audience who sees your blog can be clear and can understand..
Step-10 Take images and videos for any even if it's a any tips take tutitorial for that take 5 images and not more than that..

Note: Be neat and clear you will get more views and comments for your blog..


  1. @Hari Vignesh, Hai Da. Really Awesome Post. I Have One Suggestion. Please Leave Space In Between Every Points.