Saturday, June 29, 2013

Wanna Start A Blog.

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Starting a blog is same as opening facebook but maintaining the condition is a tough one for those starting a blog is easy, Follow these steps to start a blog.

  • Choose you user name.
  • You will have to fill up all the remaining things which will be left out.
  • You will have a phone in your hand when you start a blog because when you start a verification code will be asking for you,You will have to accept.
  • Choose a password gmail account and gender date of birth everything they are asking don't even leave a single one so that you cannot create it.
  • At last give accpet and you will be starting a blog.
Name your blog according to which are you going to write, And start with a post that contains about you!!
if you don't write it you will not get good traffic. If you well organized in facebook then you have a good blogger friends too publish it facebook have a twitter account to be maintaining a good blog traffic.Have  good template to upload it in your blog and keep widgets make sure there is no mistake in doing in uploading the template.

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