Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How To Get More Comments On your Blog.

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Many bloggers think the pageviews of the blog is the best one to take money but in the adsense list there is one that says: "Comments for a blog is also important at least 3 comments for a post is one of the rule of the adsense". This is not false it's a true one.

What Is A Comment: 

A comment is a decribation of the topic you have written what is that abou.This the definition of what is a comment..

Get Comments Rapidly: Follow these steps to get more comments.

  • Get your post more than 500 words and get your post bigger and write as much as you can if you write more than 500 words comments will automatically come.
  • Don't say your friends or somebody to comment on my blog,you comment on my blog.
  • Many of them will publish in facebook so while publishing it give a slight word saying that: "While seeing comment also"Saying this will definitely get you 1 or 2 comments.
  • Put your posts at pages and ask your comments in public that will make the audience visible to comment on your blog*.
  • Many bloggers donot even have a comment box for that bloggers introducing the new comment box called Commentluv box go to this link and add this on your blog.
  • Don't see your pageviews find your comments more.
  • Follow many of them in twitter and they will somebody will follow you,by that you can make more comments.
  • Make many blogger friends to comment on your blog and they will comment on your if they have some free time.
  • Don't say anybody to see your blog if somebody ask you say them.
  • Go to some new started blogs and comment on their blog and give your address in the comment box it will make you sufficient to make more comments.
  • Chat to many bloggers as they like you so that on this one they can visit your blog and  say them to give their comments.
I think many bloggers visiting this blog will or would have twitter accounts and have many more accounts..How To get more twitter followersget to know eye for an eye follow them they will follow you that's the twitter basic thing..

Last Word: 

There is a page called I Comment they have a slogan that if they visit any blog comment should be given.

Link to go to that page: go to this page join this group be enjoying get more comments..


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  3. Good that you're sharing the commenting on blog that work on your blog and for your readers.

  4. Good post friend, the tips mentioned here are very great ones and they are worth trying keep it up brother

  5. Nice list for bloggers to live by. Thanks for sharing Hari. ~JG~