Thursday, August 8, 2013

Promote Your Blog Post: Smart Ways.

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Hi Guys I am going to explain about the smart ways to promote your blog post here you wanna learn more about the promoting the blog post. Promoting is always like a job and the views of your blog is compared to the position you got promoting the blog post is an important thing to have and keep it in mind.the promotion is by means of the :

  • Facebook.
  • Google.+
  • Twitter.

Facebook: Facebook ? you may think how to promote in facebook?, in facebook bigger opportunities are there to promote your blog post here,if you get more blogging friends or dudes you got bigger opportunities to promote you can open an facebook page and make it as public page and you,have more features in facebook to promote it ,You can tag your post url to your blogging frineds and  with thumbnails when you tag your friends you got more views. So try facebook promotion.The facebook pages too help you in someviews so here are some groups which i have joined :

Google+: Google+ is always a smart ways to promote your blog post by google+ is produced to only promote your post specially for bloggers and there google+ communities which can provide youe more views. The following point is an long explanation:

There are also google+ guys who are also bloggers like you so if they feel you are comefortable on your blogging views they will add to your circles in terms on facebook they add friends so ,here they add you to their google+ circles ,this is also like email subscription if somebody have added you to their circles means if they write an post it will described at bottom of your blogger dashboard.

Twitter : Twitter is also an smart way to promote your blog post. and twitter only tit for tat I means if you follow them they will follow you if you got followers you got tweets for them it's that's what i meant that tit for tat the more number of followers the more number of views. Having more followers the popularity and visibility of the post increases that's what twitter all about.

So After this post you will be able to promote you blog post in a quicker way so give your valuable comments and likes fort hat page of bloginspirate.. 


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  2. Facebook is a great website to promote post due many reasons like groups, pages etc. The ways that you delivered for promote post are really smart!

  3. Wow....this one is again an awesome post, as alwayz.....ur a gr8 blogger Hari. very informtative....

  4. Nice post Hari thanks for sharing

  5. Nice article. Promotion is very important for the site. Is it increases the site traffic and decrease the ranking in alexa

  6. Nice Explanation.....