Friday, August 16, 2013

Top Search Engines For Downloading Files.

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Torrent Sites are thise which help in your doenloading the files like : Games,movies And etc..,etc.., .Most of you think of we should get a torrent file to download and should not be waste and should connect to the seeds and peers so here am i with the top three search engines in the list of the world.The following search engines will fullfill your conditions. This is the top most search engine so here is the point it gets the rating of the file and how many users have downloaded it and the bit torrent download file.This is the search engine which got millions of users and is the number one rated one. And in this search engine you can have a profile and if you don't have a profile it doesn't matters at all.You can also get help from the torrent manager who is controlling the search engine and you can search in it almost all will be present except applications some applications will be there.

Kick Ass Torrenz: This is the second best torrent file and is got more advanced things in this search engine which got all talents in it all things of torrent files you can find it it 's got great crowd in it it is the second best torrent search engine this is too rated the file and morethings you've got it in this one if you use it you will know what does it got. Kiss ass torrents is shortly called as (

The Pirate Bay : This  is also the one of the best search engines and it's fully advanced and the more than that is,it's easy to download and it's got great rating and almost all things new things are available here and it's too rated but most of the files will not connect to seeds and peers and some of the best are there and there stolen piece of files but you should be carefulll to download and you can definitely use this one out
So after this post you will be sure to use search engines carefully so give your valuable comments.


  1. Lolzzz.....this ones very informative too.....i use and kickasstorrents myelf. They are awesome.

  2. Hey nice collection of torrent search engines. I usually use piratebay as it is updated frequently. Thanks.

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