Sunday, June 23, 2013

Make Your Blog Post Readers Double.

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Importance To Matter, Not The Introduction :Many bloggers never gets the habit of reading introduction. Just read's your matter inside the blog post. Even some just read the sub heading alone. We get no use in such views by those silly readers. Some bloggers writes introductions pages and pages. But no one reads introduction. Just five to six lines introduction is more enough. Make your mind concentrate more in matter. Make your matter the most understandable and your writing style must be classic english. Because many of bloggers hates street english.

Grammar errors or mistakes are mostly found in blog's by newbies. Even many professional bloggers leave less grammatical mistakes. There are many softwares to check grammatical errors. These professional get in search of those and will replace those less grammatical errors. But newbies never care of these errors. This is biggest disadvantage he does. When visitors arrive and read those, they will mis-understand that blog post and will leave your blog. So it's time what professional or experts do. 

Don't Leave More Grammar Errors and concentrate on your Topic:Just also don't blindly concentrate on blog post matter. Even the simple blog title of a post matters too. If your blog title is bad, you will surely be getting more problems after tears blogging. Some bloggers use words like 'Wanna' and 'Gonna' in blog title to attract. But many readers hates those unwanted things. So it's better to be classic and works hard to make that classic to complex, not by mean of title, just concentrating in content.

Image And Videos :What comes to your mind, after seeing this sub heading. I hope it is google images, that is the first of all thing to never use. Every bloggers take images from google images, that is the same image found in others blog. Just it searches images from every sites related to your search and groups it. So in other words, it can be named as copied image, like copied content. Get your source from Flickr[ by : Yahoo ] and there are many other sources to get it. And don't embed the videos of others in your blog. Create your video using screen capture[ Video Option ] and upload it to youtube and then embed your own video to your blog. Hope you got it.

Final Words :Your comments are most valuable. We accept all your comment. So place your now. We will catch you in the next post. 

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  1. ok maybe something should be edited good hari.. develop it!

  2. good points, try to eliminate the errors..

    1. thnaks jacob i will do it on next post thanks man !!