Monday, June 17, 2013

How to improve blogging?

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More bloggers and many more have improved their blogging.As many of them enter blogging it is very tough to get identified your blog so stay tuned and rise your views of your blog.

Point one: By the way coming to the first point keep a good name at any social medias like facebook,twitter,google+ often post your blog post at this social medias and more pages like Devilspot commmunity and bloggers group,blogger,the bloggers F and many pages at facebook.

Point two: Edit your template at edit HTML and add widgets and have a logo from and have a favicon from and have a custom domain from custom domain helps you to drive more views for your blog and to keep it on a good condition.

Point three: Do not worry of your views of certain post beacause many bloggers worry of their blog views.Do not worry like that ,worry for your valuable  comments and how many comments you recieve and how many likes you recieve for one post.

Point Four: Don't write post for a sake think everyline and sketch your post and do everything in an order don't leave errors and spelling mistakes. See your overview daily how much you get for one day so try to increase your overview by 15 page views daily.

Point Five: See your stats daily where are you pageviews driven from eat your oppenent bloggers and destroy them like bin laden. See your alexa ranking here at after you have putted domain then only you will be identified from the alexa ranking!!

Last word: Be a destroyer and too a good blogger catch you all another post!! :)


  1. Hai Hari. Your writing seems pretty good. Keep it up. Also you can add points like : Don't Leave Grammatical Mistakes And More.

    Happy Blogging !

    1. Ajay Thanks Man I think willl be going good!!