Saturday, June 15, 2013

How To Select An Good Template?

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Seeing the first concept of this post many bloggers have doubt in how to change the blog template it's easier then you do.

  • Blogger: Dashboard sign in-step 1
  • Click the overhead key-step 2
  • Click template.-step 3
  • Backup/Restore-step 4
  • Choose file-step 5 
  • Open-step 6 
Now you all will be clear with how to change the blogger template.

Selecting The Blogger Template: According to some bloggers think that the template which have more rating and attraction towards that shouls be kept as the blogger template,don't have ideas like that see the template which is desent,some what attraction and the template when it's edited look so good with the widgets and many things...,

Here Are Some Templates Live Demo:
Downloading Blogger Templates: 
  1. Visit google chrome.
  2. View top blog templates.
  3. Click that image if you want the template.
  4. On the right side of the image there will be visit page click that and visit the page.
  5. You will Be visiting the page click the template which you like.
  6. Download and extract the files and edit the template and be happy.
  7. Then backup your template and edit it!
Note: Before changing the new template change it to lassic and then change it to the new template beacause sometimes the new and the old template would get collapsed and then will be mixed too together.

Last Word: Have win rar in your pc to extract the files of your new template


  1. Choosing perfect template not only design but also it's functionality and SEO friendly nature is must for blogging success. Design attract the readers and it's functionality makes our blog works and load properly. That is also a biggest ranking factor.

    Great Post Buddy!


  2. Hai Hari Dude. This article is well explained and good arrangement. Thanks For Providing Some List Of Awesome Templates.

    And Many Of Bloggers onlt see whether the template is adsense suitable.

    Happy Blogging !

    1. thanks man i sketched this post ans tried with great effort.