Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Why Do Google Adsense Disapproves Us.

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First i am going to tell what is adsense? Adsense is program run by google.inc that allow google network of content sites to serve automatic text,video,image or interactive media adverts that are targeted to site content and audience adsense is not only approval for making money that is an also an programming by google.inc.

Google adsense disapproves us beacause there are certain conditions for bloggers if that conditions are not full filled you will also not be full filled so i'll say some conditions for approving google adsense.
  1. Don't track your own pageviews if you donot have more in the overview condition number one is donot see you blog than 10 times for one day.
  2. Donot copy from other blog and some websites see and write but don't copy this is condition number two.
  3. Don't allow anybody to get the chance to make them as admin if he is a guest author don't make him as an admin this is condition number 3.
  4. As soon as your blog is started don't give up for adsense follow a neat and clean for sometime and then give up your adsense so that you get many problems on that.
  5. Get a custom domain and views more then 300 daily and then you approve your adsense  it will be easy this is condition number 5.
  6. Don't repeatedly change your template logo and favicon it will make the google adsense confuse this is condition number 6.
  7. Write your post bigger and bigger as much as you canbut don't interupt your personal examples and bla bla bla,,,,, this is condition number 7.
  8. Don't beg your pardon to see your blog post don't give many links images and many video maximum 5 images 1 videos and blods and italics and writing styles. 
  9. Follow these and many steps to get your adsense approved.
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