Friday, June 21, 2013

Stop Track Your Own Pageviews.

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A Small Introduction: As many bloggers enter the field of blogging many bloggers track their own page views by seeing their blog again and again and overhead their page views double and double.There are many disadvantages on that.

So these bloggers will get for those disadvantages will happen:

  1. If you continously track your own pageviews the main reason you are maintaining a blog will be gone :Adsense.
  2. Tracking and copying will not allow adsense to approve and you will be gone and start a new blog.
  3. If you track your pageviews there will be stats recorded and if you continously do that you will be reported and you will be not able continue your blogging.
  4. If your friend knows this tracking pageviews he will say you some name nick names say to the world and you will fail.
  5. If your pageviews is low go to some blog comment and give your blog link and say to some friends he will do it for you definitely.and see some blogs and get ideas.
  6. If you have domain everything perfect if you are reported how it will be imagine the situation.
There are also ways to stop tracking your pageviews follow the steps in your blog to stop it,
  • Blogger:dashboard sign in.
  • Dropdown down key.
  • Go to Stats.
  • In the right side there will be don't you own pageviews click that on it!! you may think on? on it and you will get a way for stop tracking you pageviews.
  • after offing that go to your blog how many times if you open 20000 times you will not be recorded. 
So after this post i think you may not track your own pageviews.


  1. Yeah ! Very Good Explanation And Nice Writing Style. And Try To Add Sub Headings And Many Other Minor Heading. So That You Can Attract Many Reader.

    Happy Blogging :)

    1. Thanks buddy I'll try it on next post buddy thanks

  2. Replies
    1. thanks surya maybe i improve thanks buddy!!!

  3. it's better to check your stats at the end of week..

    1. hi jacob maybe we anted to check it daily man i will do it like that so i wrotelike that!

  4. so, what is the best way to track your site page view?

    1. At the layout there will be stats of yor blog track your there